October 30, 2008

Training in California

I have just returned from playing in the Mojave Desert. Our Brigade went to Fort Irwin, CA for training to prepare us for our down range missions. It was good training. I am starting to really connect to some of my soldiers. It is an honor to be with them when they deal with difficult issues. God is great in allowing me to be His tool of ministry.

I think the worst thing was the time away from family. Laura and Victoria did well while I was gone. We all agreed it is hard to imagine 12 months away from family. The really sobering think about the time away is that some of my soldiers are on their 3rd & 4th deployments. Our soldiers deserve great respect and appreciation for what they sacrifice for all Americans. 

Here are some pictures I took. Hope this post finds you all doing well. Please pray for my soldiers as we get closer to leaving family again. 

Beauty of the Desert

Sleeping Tent                          My Cot

My Favorite Picture from CA