February 27, 2008

You Know You Are In The South When...

Last week I did the funeral for my maternal grandmother in Georgia. We drove down to Georgia on Wednesday for the Thursday 14:00 funeral.

Thursday morning, we went down for the continental breakfast offered by our hotel. Laura noticed that everyone was greeting us. She told me that they must have really trained their staff well. I told her it was not the training, instead it was that we were in the deep South. That is the way things are done there.

We also went out to eat and experienced another Southern thing. I was ordering my drink, and I asked if they served tea. "Yes!" I asked the waitress what I would get if I ordered tea. "Swwweeeet Teeaa!" That is just the way things are done in the South.

You know you are in the South when...

  1. Everyone says hello, even though they do not know you.
  2. You order tea and you automatically get sweet tea

It has been too long since we have been back to our old stomping grounds, the deep South.

February 15, 2008

Drumroll Please!

This has been a very good week! I am sorry that I have not written before now; I really do not have any excuse. Anyway, we did get a call letting us know where our "projected" first duty station will be.

We had to go to Richmond on Tuesday to pick up Laura's car from the shop. We had just picked up the car and gotten to BJ's when the phone rang. Standing in the paper products aisle with CH Goode on speaker phone he told us our base will be...Ft. Hood, TX!

God is so faithful. From the very beginning I thought that God wanted us at Ft. Hood and this week God confirmed that is the case.

Now, it is time to wait for our official paperwork so I can be sworn in.

February 8, 2008

Just Around The Corner

I received correspondence this week from CH Goode at DACH (Department of the Army, Chief of Chaplains), "I will begin contacting you all beginning early next week to discuss your initial “projected” assignment." Laura and I are hoping that we will get that call on Monday. Of course, we have no way of knowing how many people he has to contact, but maybe he will go alphabetically, since our last name starts with a D! :-)

CH Goode also stated, "For some, it will be no surprise, for some it will be a great adventure, and for others it will be a disappointment. And yet, for ALL of you it will be the best place to begin serving in the military ministry that the Almighty God could ever imagine...even if it is a place that you personally had never imagined!" Of our three options for placement two are places that are considered "hot spots." If we get any of our three choices we will be happy.

What are our three choices? Ft. Hood, TX; Ft. Carson, CO; Ft. Lewis, WA. Actually, we are pretty flexible wherever we end up, however, I am not sure I would want to end up at Ft. Riley, KS. We will see.

Our Youth

The last weekend in February, I was able to hang out with our youth on a ski trip. We had a great time, and no one got hurt. Here is a picture of all who went on the trip.

Even though I enjoy skiing, I enjoyed our times of devotion even more. As a part of our dovotions we incorporated a quiet time. God blessed our time with Him.

On Souper Bowl Sunday, as is customary, we were led in worship by our youth. As part of the worship service the youth shared some of the things that God has been teaching them. It is amazing to see how God is teaching the youth more about Himself.

God is doing great things in the lives of our youth. We are so blessed to have great youth, great leaders, great volunteers and a great God!