January 25, 2009

Happy AnniversarWii


Laura and I got a Wii for our anniversary. We will celebrate 9 years in March. I had been looking at getting one for some time, but everywhere was sold out. I could have bought one on E-bay but they were too expensive. Today, we got it hooked up and played it for a few hours. I guess it is safe to say that Wii will have many hours of fun exercise!

Happy AnniversarWii my love! 

January 19, 2009

Soldier For A Day

Last weekend, we had a fun day at Fort Hood. The 1st brigade of the 1st Cavalry Division had a great event for soldier's spouses. "Soldier for a day" allowed spouses to do some of the things that their soldiers do. Now, the interesting thing is that Laura got to do things that I cannot do. Since I am a non-combatant I cannot touch weapons. Anyway...

The day included:
- physical training (PT) - push-ups (regular, wide arm & diamond), crunches (regular and bicycle), side straddle hops (aka. jumping jacks), flutter kicks and jogging in place.

- clearing a structure - There was a wooden structure that the ladies had to go and check for "bad guys." In the structure there were two bad guys that they killed with their blank rounds. Laura was so funny. She was the leader of the stack. When she entered the room where the "bad guys" were, she used up a good portion of her ammunition. After they were "dead" they were told to search the "bad guys." Laura walked up touched the dummy and then backed away shot him a few more times and said, "He is dead!" What happened to the woman I married? :-) LOL!!!

- grenade course - Laura did very well in this event. I did not know that she had an arm on her like she does. There were two targets and one bunker that she had to grenade. For the two targets she had to throw about 30 or so feet. She threw the grenades right on target! On the bunker she had to run up to the bunker and throw the grenade in the opening.

- disassemble and reassemble a M4 - Laura did this beautifully. She has never really been around weapons before but you would not have known it. She did it in the time allotted!

- firing at a stationary target - Laura was given ten rounds to hit the target. She got it on the first round. She was shooting blank rounds but the weapons and targets were equipped with MILES. I do know know what the acronym stands for but it is basically military style laser tag. I have a sharp shooting wife.

- nine line medi-vac - Laura got to take care of a wounded patient (weighted dummy). She also got to transport and load said patient to a black-hawk helicopter. I have not been so close to a chopper as she was. She loved it!

Here are some of my favorite pictures of the day. Enjoy!


Awards were given to the teams with the highest scores from the events. Laura's group did not get any awards. It was not because they were not good, it was because there was only four of them and the other teams had about a dozen plus. After awards were given, we had dogs and burgers. 

I guess the best way to describe the day is to say that Laura made a great soldier for the day!! I am proud of her!

January 1, 2009

One Year Ago

One year ago from today we were making plans for a busy year. It has proved to be a busy/crazy year. Of course, this coming year will be just as busy/crazy. Last year we were planning on a transition from being a pastor of a church to a military Chaplain. With this transition there have been many changes.

Of course, one of the biggest changes is geographically. We left Virginia and went to South Carolina for three months. Then we headed to the "hill country" of Texas. I would not exactly call it "hill country." There are some hills but a lot more flat land. One of the things that we have noticed is the fact that bushes are taller than the trees, really. I would have never believed it if I had not seen it myself. When we look at some of the vegetation we scratch our heads wondering if it is a short tree or a tall bush?!?!

One of the biggest changes for me is not holding services. Ever since I left Menokin, in June, I have only preached twice. Going from preaching every Sunday to twice in six months is quite a difference. Once I get down range I will have more opportunities to preach. I must say that I am looking forward to that.

Family time is very different now. I used to be home for all three meals in a day, but since I have been in the Army I have only been home for all three meals when I am on leave. This has been a big transition for all three of us. I think that we are getting a little more used to this but we still like being together so we miss that time that we are missing out on each other.

It has been different moving away from the people we have really strong bonds with. We have not had enough time to make those bonds here. Laura, Victoria and I have made connections, but not like the ones we left. I know that in time we will, but it makes us aware of how blessed we are. We miss you all and thank God for you all!

There are so many things that happened over the last year that it would be like writing a novel to write about it all. However, we are thankful to God that He has been with us along the narrow path. We are thankful for all the family and friends that support us through prayer. I personally believe that this past year has been a time of preparation for what is to come in 2009.

Ministry in the Army is very different from ministry in the church. I enjoy what I do and I am thankful that my calling is ministry. Please be in prayer for my soldiers, their safety, their salvation, their marriages, etc. Even though you do not know them by name, you can lift them to the Father who knows their name and need intimately. Together we will have a fruitful ministry to our men and women in uniform.

Happy New Year!