July 26, 2008

Haircut Please

I have been asked about my hair so I thought I would include some pictures for your amusement. The haircut actually has an interesting story. I borrowed Mark’s (the guy cutting my hair) clippers. Because I was cutting off so much hair I broke his clippers. One thing for sure, I was a great comedic relief from the very beginning. I cannot imagine how things would have turned out if Mark and Loren had not helped me. Thanks to my Chaplain friends I now have an Army haircut. I do not have a picture, but I did shave all my hair off a few weeks ago. It has grown back out; I can now say that I have shaved my head. I get to thank Loren for that one. Thanks Loren!

I'm Still Here

Well, I have not lived up to my expectation of posting once a week. Wow, it has been very busy here. I spend most of my time doing homework and self directed studies. I normally get up at 0400, get home from class at 1700, eat dinner, do homework, and get in bed by 2130. Pretty much the same routine daily. On the weekends I do homework all day.

Today is the exception, Laura, Victoria and I went to Charleston for a few hours. We had a really good time being together. Laura did drive and I worked on homework there and back. I am trying to make the most of all the time I have. Laura has been wonderful and so supportive. God has truly blessed me with her. 
In just a little while I will be working on homework again. God is so good. I have gotten all my assignments in on time and hope to be ahead of the curve for this coming week. I will try and get a few more posts before I start on homework.
Laura has started blogging and if you are interested in reading her blog you can click the following link: http://lauraslifereflections.blogspot.com