June 20, 2012

The Small Things

Despite the long silence, I am still out here in the blog sphere. It is hard to believe that I have already completed my second deployment, and now I am getting readjusted to life back in the States. It has been a wonderful two weeks back.

Victoria left for youth camp the day before I got home, so Laura and I had some time together testing the empty nest waters. We spent a couple of days around the house and then we ventured to San Antonio for a couple of days. It was great catching up and just spending time together doing the simple things of life with Laura. Until I go away on an extended business trip, it is easy to take for granted the quiet evening chats, walks, walking on pavement and even the "dreaded" trips to Wal-Mart, just to name a few. As I told Laura during this deployment, "I hope we don't lose the small things." While the "small" things may seem insignificant, they are not. What did I miss the most on my deployments? The small things! I hope I do not slip into that place where the small things are taken for granted again, where it takes being away to awaken me again to the simple pleasures.

Victoria has returned and it is great having our family back together for a short time. Soon Victoria will be off to college and starting the next phase of her life. We are excited for her and all that is ahead of her. We know that she is going to do great things and follow the Lord in whatever way He leads her. I am soaking up the small things with her too, since soon she will be gone. I have enjoyed chatting and being able to be there to let her cry on my shoulder, encouraging her and so much more.

I hope we all can find joy in the simple and small things of life. There is always something to find joy in and I hope you can find it each and every day. Until next time, enjoy the smallest of blessings from God.