August 22, 2010

God's Goodness

God is AWESOME!! I am not telling you anything that you do not already know. Some of you may already know that our family will be moving from Harker Heights to Killeen next week. Since we are going to be staying at Hood and our current lease is about up, we started looking for a house that is less expensive. Laura tirelessly looked at properties all over the Hood area. She found a house that she loved. I thought it was okay but over time it grew on me. Some of the greatest attributes of the new house is that it is about 60 square feet more than our current house, it will take 20 minutes to cut the grass instead of an hour and a half, it is closer to post, and $155 less a month!!

Yesterday, we had a yard sale. We downsized when we moved to TX and it was time to go through our things again and get rid of things that we had not used since we moved here. We had so many things that we put out at the yard sale. We were amazed at how much stuff we sold yesterday. We praise the good Lord for sending the people to buy the things we had for sale. There were many people that got some great deals. We raised $500, thank you Lord!!! Less to move and money in the pocket is a great combination.

If you need our new mailing address send me or Laura an email or give us a call and we can give that to you. If you want to be one of the first to see our new house you are welcome to help us move. :-)

God continues to provide opportunities for ministry in my unit. I spend most of my time helping soldiers and their families as they go through difficult days. I praise God that I get to help in a time of need. Since I have been in my unit for almost two years, I have built many great relationships. It is through these relationships that ministry opportunities abound. Thank you for your prayers for my family, my soldiers and me.

Until next time...I pray you will be witness to God's Goodness also!!!

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