October 25, 2007

More Prayer Needed

Thanks for your prayers. When I went before the judge this morning all charges were dropped. Thank you God! God is so awesome!

I was scheduled for court this morning at 9:30, but I thought I was scheduled for 9:00. After getting there, I realized I was super early. So, along with many others, I waited. All the cases that were scheduled for 9:30 were finally let into the courtroom at 10:20. Many of us had been standing in the hallway the whole time. So, I was glad to be able to sit and wait. I thought I would have to wait a while for my case to be called, however, my case was the first on the 9:30 docket. WOW! God is so good! My day was starting off well; what else would this day hold?

How quickly things change, one minute on the mountain top and the next in the valley of shadows. By 10:35, I was on my way to the Medical College of Virginia to check on a young man from our community. Before I got out of downtown Hopewell, I received news that this young man died. He had been fighting for his life since a head on collision on October 13. He had just turned 19 in September.

Will you pray for the family and friends of Joe Beasley? They really need it! Prayer works, and I know your prayers will make a difference as all grieve and mourn the loss of this young man. Thanks!

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