December 27, 2008

Good Bye Old Friend

Last night we said goodbye to a dear old friend of ours. We had come to know and love her even though we were not kin. She was not very old, 9 years old, but had seen a lot in her years. I must confess that it is not what you may think, actually we said goodbye to our 2000 Toyota Camry. Laura's car had almost 206,000 and it was starting to have continuous problems. We could have put more money in the 2000 Camry, but I wanted to make sure Laura and Victoria would not have continuing car troubles while I am gone. So you ask, "What did you buy?" You guessed it, another Camry. This one is a silver 2006 LE with 40,000 miles.

We drove to Austin, about an hour and fifteen minutes, to look at a white 2007 Camry with 24,000 miles. When we got there someone else was looking at it. We couldn't believe we had driven so far and someone else was looking at the car. While they were looking at the white 2007, we perused the lot. We saw a couple of cars that peaked our interest, but most cost too much. The silver 2006 Camry we purchased fit the bill all the way around.

Back story: On the way to the dealer we had asked God to lead us and give us peace about our impending purchase. God answered our prayer. We not only got the deal we had prayed about, but we had the peace of God about the purchase. We were/are praising God.

We look forward to many years, miles and memories with our "new friend."

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Laura Dawson said...

We'll have to post a picture of our new friend. I think we will grow to love it, too.