May 31, 2009

Care Packages

I have been amazed at all those who have supported me and my soldiers. I have gotten so many boxes of goodies and I have loved sharing them with my soldiers. We all appreciate your thoughtfulness. I do keep some of the things for my personal use.  :)

Pictured are just some of the boxes that I have
gotten. The top picture of boxes are from churches 
I served in: Menokin Baptist Church in Warsaw, Virginia and 
Slash Christian Church in Ashland, Virginia. The bottom picture 
is of the boxes sent from First Baptist Church Rome, Georgia. This is my brother and sister-in-law's church. 

I really do appreciate all that you have sent to me and my soldiers. Here is a list of all the care package senders: Laura D, Glenn & Joy E, Westmoreland Players, Garland and Vivian M, Furl M, Steve and Christine H, Sheila W, Fredricksburg Church of Christ, FBC Rome, Slash Christian Church, Menokin Baptist Church (Children's Church) and Maxine S.

Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!! I really do appreciate you walking along side of me as I get to serve our service members. Here are a few pictures of my soldiers that have enjoyed the goodies sent. May the God of Heaven bless you in the same manor you have blessed me and my soldiers.

Garryowen Cross - Out!

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