May 31, 2009

Way Overdue

Well, it is past time to update you all on some of my adventures in Iraq. This is a picture of me in all my gear in my room at Taji. Since I am not there full time, I have a room that I share with others. There are a total of 6 beds in the room. None of the people who stay in this room stay there full time. So there will be times that the room is full and times that it is only me and my assistant.

It is hard to believe that I have been deployed for almost 4 months. Time is going by quickly, and things are rolling right along. I spend a lot of my time being with soldiers. I visit them where ever they are. When I am with soldiers, we talk about all kinds of things. I am honored to be let into their world. I have many opportunities to be one that gives Godly advice to life's situations. Believe me when I say our soldiers are dealing with difficult life situations. Many of these situations are generated because our soldiers have deployed so many times. Our Squadron was deployed in October of 2006 and did not return home until January of 2008. The Squadron was home just barely 12 months before we deployed for another 12 month tour. The majority of my Squadron have deployed before. You can imagine how these deployments can bring about difficult life situations. 

For a moment, put yourself in their position. You are gone for 15 months, home for 12 and gone again for 12. (This does not take into account previous deployments.) By the way, while soldiers are home they are gone about 3 months for training. Can you imagine being away from family half of your career? It is not abnormal or unusual to be away from family half of your Army career. This is just another reason why our soldiers are considered brave and courageous heroes. No, FREEDOM is not free. I am honored to serve FREEDOM givers, my God and our soldiers.

Well, until next time. God bless you all. Keep your eyes peeled, I will be posting again soon.

Garryowen Cross - Out!

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