February 26, 2010

Driving Lessons

Yes, Victoria has started driving! I enjoy teaching her. We started out in empty parking lots and have moved on to our neighborhood and some back roads. Today as we were leaving out for another lesson, this is what transpired. (In Victoria's words.)

Daddy: "Ok, Victoria, you're going to back out of the driveway and go in that direction." (Mommy shifts uncomfortably) Victoria: "Ok!" (She adjusts seat, checks mirrors, fastens seatbelt, and puts her foot on the brake to shift into reverse) Car: "Vrrrrooooom!" (Mommy and Daddy jump ten feet.......) Victoria: "Oops! Wrong pedal. Ha ha ha!" Mommy: "If the car had been in drive we wouldn't have a garage door."

We got a good laugh out of it. Victoria is doing a really good job. I know I helped daddy grow some grey hairs, sorry! Now I get to pass on the knowledge. I am enjoying it!! Great memories are being made. One day I will tell her kids about when she was learning to drive. :-)


Laura Dawson said...

And you're a good teacher to boot! I'm so glad you are home so you can teach her. I love you!

Bruce said...

Awesome. Hard to believe Victoria is old enough to even drive. I remember going through it twice. Oh, you teaching her how to drive a clutch too? Better to be prepared before she needs to do it one day. Vanessa is using a clutch (95 Staurn 5 speed) but Tiffany just says no way. But she can drive one if she needs to do so. Glad your home so you don't miss out on this important milestone.