October 2, 2007

The Good, Bad & Ugly

The Good: Paperwork done, again; my face to face interview is done.
The Bad: I had to do most of my Army Application again!
The Ugly: I was in a small accident.
Well that is the summation of my week.

I got a call this week from my recruiter and I had to redo a big portion of my application. The Army application process is in transition. Since I am on the cusp of the changes I had to submit my application under the new format. OOF! Oh Well. I Fed-Exed the paperwork today. So, what now? Hurry up and wait!

Yesterday, I had my interview with a Colonel Chaplain at Fort Lee, VA. I was with Chaplain James Walker (different from my recruiter who is Chaplain Dallas Walker) for about an hour and a half. We talked about things from why I wanted to be an Army Chaplain to what if I am not accepted as a Chaplain. He has been a Chaplain for 22 years and he gave me an opportunity to ask him questions. I asked him his advise for a new Chaplain. He said, "Be true to thyself." He went on to explain how important it is to stick to your beliefs and convictions. He indicated that most ministers are people pleasers and it is important to remember who we are to be pleasing, our Lord. Great interview. I do have something to do while I wait. Colonel James Walker asked me to submit a resume, a mini-bio and a written sermon. I will work on that while I wait.

Once I left the interview I went to the on base Uniform and Sales store to price all the clothing and equipment that I will be needing. I am trying to find some of the stuff on EBay and wanted to know prices before purchasing anything. I was trying on sizes etc. I have found some things on EBay that I will probably end up getting because they are cheaper. Buying it a little at a time is easier than having to buy it all when I get to basic. I hope to have all I need when I arrive at basic and to save a little money along the way. We will see.

Well, no need to prolong the ugly of the day/week. After I left the Uniform and Sales store I went looking for off base sales of Army equipment. Usually around the bases are stores that sell the same things and I wanted to price things there. I pulled through one strip mall and did not find anything. I was going to look at another strip mall, but before I could get there I was in an accident. I had stopped at a stop sign. To my right was an Army bus that was turning into a gas station. I looked and did not see anyone coming so I started through the intersection. Before I knew it there was a truck coming from my right and they hit me. It did little damage to either of the vehicles. It dented the bumper and knocked out the headlight on my car. They were in an old truck and it barely bent the bumper. What was crazy was they were both saying their backs were hurting. Before the police and rescue squad got there they were carrying on like nothing was wrong. As soon as the police and squad got there they said they needed to go to the hospital. GOOD GRIEF!!!! As you can tell from the pictures there was not a lot of damage to either vehicle.

The policeman and EMT's did not believe their little act. You can imagine how I felt about it. I did find out last night that they did not have any injuries and were released from the hospital. I am glad to know they were alright. I also found out that the passenger of the truck had a warrant out for his arrest. The policeman indicated that he was no stranger to the law. Not exactly how I wanted to help the police out, but...

My prayer is that they do not try to take me to court etc. Based on their actions yesterday, I bet that they have already contacted a lawyer. Time will tell.


Kenny said...

hey man ...
thanks for the link, and for including me on your email notify list. that's cool. i didn't know blogger had that ... must be... well, i started to say 'new', but i've not posted in so long that it could be months old and i don't know about it.

anyway, sorry about the accident. i suspect that if it DOES go to court, the judge will throw it out for lack of merit. especially if there were no medically identifiable injuries ...
and ... if THEY hit YOU, wouldn't THEY be liable to begin with?

on to the interview ... yeah. i needed to hear that bit about being a people pleaser ... and to not forget WHO i am to be MOST intent on pleasing. thanks for relaying that word to me!


Dave said...

Thanks for the comment. I read through your posts and it is remarkable how similiar our journeys have been. I've been at our church for 5 years. I was planning on staying many more years. I needed to lose a lot of weight. I also ended up with NAMB after first thinking I'd be endorsed elsewhere. We even had the same recruiter.

Anyway, I pray that God blesses you as you continue in your journey.